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Are you a maid looking for more work, but don’t know how to market yourself? Well you’re in luck, because we do know how and can’t wait to share the information with you!

So many hard working people aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, I mean, literally, but they just don’t know how to get all of the business that they need in order to make a living. Well, that’s the problem that we’re looking to solve. We know what it’s like to have the desire to make money, but just no clients to actually pay you. That’s okay. Learning the processes of Internet marketing will allow you to get as many clients as you can possible handle.

Stop worrying about money and start learning the secrets to making yourself visible in the search engines!

About Tulsa Metro Search Engine Advertising Blog

Tulsa Metro Search Engine Advertising Blog is a resource for all Tulsa Metro search engine advertisers.

It’s an all-in-one resource where you’ll find the latest news on Tulsa Search Engine advertising, news and events, information on how to advertise in Tulsa, information on how to promote your business on the internet and how to make money online.

You’ll also find useful tips on how to market your business, how to find and hire SEOs, and how to find the best Tulsa Metro ad websites.

The blog is written by Candice McCall and many guest experts.

Our Goal

We are always looking for new readers, so you can tell us about any new products or services you are developing. We also want to improve the content of the blog so that you’ll find the most up-to-date and useful information.

About Candice McCall

Candice McCall is the founder of the Tulsa Metro Search Engine Advertising Blog, a blog about search engine marketing and web development. 

Candice has helped numerous companies optimize their websites and rank online. She has written and published many articles on SEO, SEM and Search Engine Optimization. You may have read one of her articles before without realizing it, as she goes by many pen names.

Candice has a background in marketing communications and has worked in the technology sector since 2004. She now works full-time in search engine optimization and web development.