Why Ranking High In Google Is The Key To Making Money Online

All internet marketers try hard to rank their websites on Google. The main reason why they invest so many resources into improving their rankings is that their SEO efforts offer them an excellent ROI. Here are a few considerations to help you understand why ranking in Google is key to making money online.

High-Quality Leads

First of all, you need to know that organic traffic provides the highest quality leads to your business. If you target the right keywords, you’ll score a higher sales volume than through any other digital marketing activity you may try. 

People who are already in the buying stage of their research seek for a reliable and inexpensive supplier. Once they find someone who appears to be reliable and who offers them a fair price, they will make an instant purchase. 

It’s in your best interest that people that are ready to buy find your website in Google. The higher you rank, the more chances you have that they find your offer before coming across similar ones from your competitors. 

All you need to do to score great sales volumes is to do your keyword research the right way and to develop and implement a solid SEO strategy around those keywords. 

Why You Should Be Focusing On Google For Your SEO

You may ask yourself why Google and not one of the other major search engines? The answer will be obvious once you take a closer look at the market share of the main search engines available today. You’ll see that Google dominates the market with almost 90% market share. 

If you rank in Bing, Yahoo or Duck Duck Go but you don’t rank in Google, you don’t exist for the vast majority of search engine users. 

Additionally, all Android-operated mobile devices come with Google as their default search engine. You can rest assured that the average consumer will never try to change this. These people will use whatever default options come with their smartphone or tablet. This means that they inevitably use Google to search for products and services they need. 

More and more people use mobile devices to buy things online, so you should do your best to be there for them when the time comes and they’re ready to purchase. Even those who prefer to make their orders via phone use Google to find online stores that accept this type of purchase. 

To Sum It All Up

Ranking in Google may be hard work, but it surely pays off in terms of sales. Once you manage to reach the top positions in Google, it will be much easier and less expensive to maintain these rankings for a very long time. This means that you’re going to enjoy the same steady flow of qualified leads with a much lower investment of time and money. 

It’s easy to understand why every online marketer in this world dreams about ranking high in Google for the best keywords in their industry or niche. 

If you want to boost your sales, you’ll need to start working towards ranking high in Google. There’s no better way to make money online than this.

Candice McCall